oakleigh occasional careWe need to raise funds all year to be able to purchase new equipment, art supplies and for the general running of each of our five centres. How you can help Oakleigh Occasional Care fundraise for its programs?

Cadbury® Chocolates Fundraiser Drive
You will be able to collect your special Cadbury® Fundraiser carry boxes from your centre. You will also be provided with an envelope to collect the money raised. We suggest you sell to family members, colleagues in the workplace, friends or neighbours. We ask that all orders and money collected be returned to Oakleigh Occasional Care in the envelope provided. If you are unable to participate in the drive and would prefer to make a donation we would accept it gratefully.

Bakers Delight Dough Raiser Program
When you buy bread, our Occasional Care benefits too. Mention our name when you go to the Mt Waverley, Chadstone, Ashburton or Oakleigh stores and a percentage of your order will be donated back to our centres.


My Name Label

These are fantastic for labelling anything and everything. Simple, effective and durable. Either grab a form from Occasional Care with the Fundraising Code or visit www.mynamelabel.com.au using  the Fundraising Code: 89152d66.



Oakleigh Occasional Care Hats and T-shirts
These come in sizes 2, 4 & 6, and in pink, green, purple and blue. These shirts can save your children’s clothes while helping to raise funds. Orders can be placed through Robyn 9544 1340.




Entertainment Books
These can be ordered online or with the order form supplied.

Thank You Bunnings Warehouse
Oakleigh Occasional Care would like to acknowledge their appreciation to Bunnings Warehouse for their incursions and the fantastic work they did at Fleet Street.